Thursday, October 27, 2011

g day . pre u level in star

what what ? did u know star means for wht ?
chieww :)
sek tengku ampuan rahimah. you xde kan kan :p bluwekkk
ok sorry,xde mase nak update.

dis event just only for upper six .
on 18th October .
so, guess. ktorg xstrt lg exam ,da grade. so funny rite?
for three times, i rase da grade.first2 time kidergaden.heee chumill je :))
ngn pkai 'ROBE and topi' semua .
here,i drop a few pictres to see.
sorry, nak tengok semua,godek la lappy i .

yen lin  :)
c.k  helps me on dat day..
muahahah semua jealous okay. b'cse they need to wear it by themselve :)
chiew chiew  HIHI

ramai lagi patutnyee.
faham2 je la class i y padat mcm sardin uh -.-

this is my BESTFRIEND in starian.
qida and natalie 
so,i wnt remind you'll. dun try to hurts them or i will KILL YOU,MAN ! 

do u wnna be my boyfriend?
haha xlayak kot. -.-''
he's my genius. i bawah okay :(
*tan eng kian 

ngeh ngeh :p 
asrul,qida,syahir,shiwen and siew ling :)

my classmates :)

loves, A T I E N .

bubye readers