Tuesday, March 26, 2013

saya kembali semula ! :)

assalamualaikum. korang sihat ? hihi okay, almost 1 year i tak menaip . and yang pasti lepas ni jemari jemari ni i akan giat menaip dari semasa ke semasa. yeayy yeayy , mood rajin i nak blogging dah datang dah heee . menyampah sangat kannnnn. haha :p
berhabuk n bersawang sudah i tengok halaman ni. seriously , i bukannya xnak update tapi tapi busy gilo dengan life diri sendiri yang tak menentu ni . *eh eh .  macam la jadi penasihat timbalan pengarah kan . erkh -..- i tau ramai yang tanya , ' atien !! bila nak update . cepat la hoii.tiap kali aku visit blog kau, mesti cenggitu je. xde pape pon. ' okay okay *ecceh , bajet diva sangat sangat ni ,i mesti akan cakap, owh .dah private la.  i malas la nak cerita life i . xde bende yang interesting pong . padahal , wuu sedih tau x. for me , in 2012 i just being an ordinary girl and just keep walm in my own world. just secreto de ameoo je la hoi.

okay la okay la. nanti i sambung lagi . nia n mida dah panggil panggil i dekat bilik 01-01 nak buat group assignmnt . PSYCHOLOGY yaw ! haha ce teka ce teka . tajuk assignmnt ktorang apa ?

tettttttttttttttttttt ! ~~~~
semuanya salah -.-

S T R E S S tau tak ! hahahahahahah itu le dia kawan kawan .
okay , saya cuba untuk tidak stress kan diri saya ni :p

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hello people :)

                                                                    dslr   :  editting by me

assalamualaikum everyone ! :)

yeah, i'm rarely to blog walking -.- 
i think my last update to keep on blogging is 1day before my final exam. 
guess what ? i've been busy with my schedule pack and for a two months me be a part timer at coffee house. my life was good as a perfect buddy man. but im not sigh n complain for every minutes ,seconds with my routine life. 

thinking about my result , i just cn say Alhamdulillah and feel not regret to take a ticket of stpm . i'm not saying im do it well and get an excellent result but i just wanna say 'THANKS ALLAH' because giving me a once chance to redeem back my mistake. *hopefully*

so, i was decided to apply either broadcast, advert , instructional &training or publishing to futher my bacelor studies in masscomm. i know all my friends keep askin me a same question because they are already  know that i'm going to choose this path way. well, i'm not interesting to apply business or economics. because this is all ABOUT 'PASSION' guys. 
sorry for this final decision. 
and i know my life journey will be start from here.

and yeayhhhh ! my family mmbers also give me a support and absolutely it can give me a high level of strengh n confident to do it well after this.

i must have a REALISTIC GOALS, and not  be overambitious.

loves,  A.T.I.E.N     

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

GOODLUCK to all my friends :)

its BEGIN ........

okay, da get ready nak masuk exam ni.
keyakinan n tawakkal y penting.
kalau da usaha, INSYAALLAH .

calon 2011 :)

okay la kawan kawan.
kat sini atien nak mohon ampun dan maaf ats segala kesilapan,
tersinggung.terkutuk, or terase dengan ape y i buat ke. SORRY, xsimpan dalam hati ok.
halal kan mkan minum semua tau tau . thankyouu :)

lastweek baru je mohon restu dari teachers, kawan2 .
alhamdulillah.semuanya happy and fine .
. HAHA .

untuk mama abah and family :
thanks sebab bersusah payah sekolah kan .
cari duit , bg duit belanje ari2, duit tuition, bg duit minyak everyday
*offcourse. kalau x kerete i xberjalan la jwb nye
and xsekolah oooo . hehe

rakan rakan seperjuangan :
goodluck ! jangan nervous and gabra sgt.
t collapse kang , xpasal pasal.
4 FLAT - amin

cikgu class, cg tuition or cg y xde kene mngena dlm pmp stpm :
thnks alot ! halal kan ilmu y cg beri selame ni.
xkira la evenpun huruf 'A ke B '
itu ilmu dan keberkatan y penting dlam dunia ni

bff, rakan twitter, fb , thanks tau !
bg support.
always bg tips and advise bila leka n main main time exam

okay, doakan fathin yang terbaik ok !

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Everybody deserve to enjoy this day

HELLO readers :)
how r u ? heee
today, i nak update pasal celebration ni
nak kate party, not at all.

venue - alam impian's playground , SHAH ALAM
date - 22nd oct actually i y plan event ni.
and atin syafinas pun :) p.a i tau tau.

have a blast .
be a good girl .
takeCARE .
and both of u are DESERVE to know how special you are :)

yummy :) choc indulgence

the warmth of their S-M-I-L-E
*let's jump (!) .
 okay, me at behind :(  can't see rite.   HAHA
afta park my car, trying to search and drop all the things in 1 place.
heee , offcourse nearer to dry grasses while 'ulat GONGGOK semua keluar'  HAHA
chill ema,just kiddin.
 she's really scared of this typist -.-
*dun blame on her. she have her own history & i know that. muahahhaha :)

owhh nenek, u know wht? u alwys be my reminder to never lost hope.
and it is such a privilege to know someone who brings so many smiles to the day.
yeah , i'll kept ur words until TODAY .dun wrry .
♥  natalie 

yeah, seem like more J-O-Y than i can say ?
heee , exactly this things like the sunshine in my mornings :)
i wnt more 'spray to EMA, bt idk why she so funny on dat day .
because of her shirt ? ngeh ngeh.
*nothing happen. :p u better ask her personally :D  HIHI

flying in the air , same like keeping my spirits UP ..woo
umie nadhirah asking me hw to fly like dis way atien ?
serious, i have NO TALENT to be a tai-CHEE or superman in the air babe.  HEE :)
syahir said : '' easy like 1 2 3 and J-U-M-P ''
LOL -.-'

♥  seee ....

feed up to each other :)

HAHA see wht she want to pose ..
suddenly, we'd.................''
chiewww chieew :D

haha u know wht ?
dis is belong to mama .
''letak ikan la weeeyh .mauahahha

ema called  dis one 'GULA GULA BALANG IKAN ' haha . 
sounds weird rite ? yeah , i know

bestFRIEND and offcourse not a COUPLE .
they have their OWN relation okay.
♥  atien , fatin syafinas, syahir,aqidah, ema, and natalie

BLOW up and think ,.
big lauging and happiness that holds it all togethr. please, rmmber that KAWAN :)

ngeh ngeh , sore throat VS  Sumbang ?
FUCK OFF ,- who a spoil evrythng bout the lyrics,
yeah, dats ME ..haha. *suare katak keluar semua :D
sumpah only me y xsedapppp owhh :(
*good trying atien HAHA

finally, we just arrived at sec7 ,shah alam.
HIHI hi puan rohana , we are coming :)
*dialu alukan . ,

note    : 'LAUGHER is natural and EASY :)
                          SENTIMENT is shared . am i rite babes ?

loves, A T I E N .