Monday, January 31, 2011

Atien Fathin Sarion

The LOVE That i Give you ;)

My days start with tears in my eyes
as the sun goes up, I wonder and realize
How things went wrong between you and me
still can't believe, still can't agree

When the nights fall don as I lay on my bed
again I start to cry thinking of what we had
The pain that I am feeling keep hurting me inside
no matter what I do, it's all you here in my mind

Keep thinking of what and where I did wrong
Is it the love that I give, is it so strong? 
Is it wrong to love someone so much? 
Is it wrong for me to give all that I got? 

All I wanted is for you to know
the love I have, I needed to show
All I wanted is for you to feel
that my love for you is true and my love is real

All I wanted is for you to realize
how I'm so thankful, how I am glad
that I found the one I've been waiting for 
the one I'm willing to share with forevermore

And even if one day you have to go and leave
I will stay loving you but you couldn't believe
That even if we are not together
I will keep you in my heart forever

But all the love that I give made you scared
thought I was crazy and decided to leave 
You thought as I am loving you too much
will cause me a lot of pain more than that

When the day come that you have to go
you thought I wouldn't know what to do
You thought I'm gonna lose my mind when you leave
you really, really thought I was that weak and naive

You never realize what you did was a big mistake
all the love that I give, you did not appreciate
But instead it was misjudged and misunderstood
All the love that I give, you just refused

Now I am tired of loving you more
I better give up, why would I wait for? 
I may have loved you more than I could ever show
But I can forget you much more than you could ever know.

end of septmber2010..
amirulazimi ,i dun want u anymore.but u still my friend.dun worry ;)

mira , huda , me ;)


Rmai y ckap muke kami same ?
e,tlg laa.. i da laa itam gilaa.. mereka tetap chumil bagi saya..heee ;)
>.< tapi y pnting i 2tahun lg muda dr dorang. <3 <3 <3

benci gilaa ! line  TERsangat sangat lembap..
nk je i tuka maxis.. tp nak wat camne.
mama y bayar laa.. so,kne la  bersyukur ;) 

then drpd i 2gu ni ok, WC jap..
HAHA.. seriously mcm org xde kje an -.-'
mne 1 lgi sesuai untuk i ? 
without specs or looks NENEK TUA ?? heee ;D

p/s: ilovetowearnerdy specs ;) 
bila nak tuka y baru ? da 3tahun i pkai ni.
nk plih y xd frame.. mcm addynna punye ..hee lawalawa