Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hello people :)

                                                                    dslr   :  editting by me

assalamualaikum everyone ! :)

yeah, i'm rarely to blog walking -.- 
i think my last update to keep on blogging is 1day before my final exam. 
guess what ? i've been busy with my schedule pack and for a two months me be a part timer at coffee house. my life was good as a perfect buddy man. but im not sigh n complain for every minutes ,seconds with my routine life. 

thinking about my result , i just cn say Alhamdulillah and feel not regret to take a ticket of stpm . i'm not saying im do it well and get an excellent result but i just wanna say 'THANKS ALLAH' because giving me a once chance to redeem back my mistake. *hopefully*

so, i was decided to apply either broadcast, advert , instructional &training or publishing to futher my bacelor studies in masscomm. i know all my friends keep askin me a same question because they are already  know that i'm going to choose this path way. well, i'm not interesting to apply business or economics. because this is all ABOUT 'PASSION' guys. 
sorry for this final decision. 
and i know my life journey will be start from here.

and yeayhhhh ! my family mmbers also give me a support and absolutely it can give me a high level of strengh n confident to do it well after this.

i must have a REALISTIC GOALS, and not  be overambitious.

loves,  A.T.I.E.N     

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